“We see many talented actors who fall a little short when it comes to acting for screen. After watching the radical transformation of our clients who attended (Film Club), this is an absolute game changer” 

GAVIN MILLS - Olivia Bell Management



“Whether you've been in the game 10 years or fresh out of school, Film Club understands the actor and keeps you prepared for the real world. Yas breaks down the fundamentals and provides you with invaluable tools to call on for castings or on-the-job.”




"This class is a hidden gem. I learn more in 3 hours of Film Club than I have in any other screen acting course. You go through every small detail of your performance so you can constantly fine tune and get closer to becoming a specific truthful actor. I can safely say that now every time I get an audition script or am on set filming, I use what I have learned from the process. Do yourself a favour and go, I can 100% guarantee you wish you had done sooner."




"Great class - very specific to film and tv (which you don’t get in many other courses) with lots of on screen practice. Helps you learn how to create in-depth, interesting and nuanced performances for screen - highly recommended!"




“Having directed Yasen Atour and witnessed first-hand his commitment and unique approach, I can say with complete conviction that his methods should be adopted and taught throughout the industry as a standard for screen acting.” 

STUART GATT - Director



“Film Club has completely changed the way I approach auditions and acting in general. I now feel like I have the tools to nail any scene. Yas divides his attention equally between students and you learn so much even when the attention isn’t on you. If I could take this class every day, I would.”




"The small and concentrated environment Yas has created allows for very organic growth in all the members of the class. It was so good that I had to come back for the 4 week extended course (which is basically the 6 weeks on steroids). Yas himself is an amazing character, who's view point on acting is rare, he helps you see the world of the character from both sides of the lens using both imagination and empathy."




"Film Club was incredibly exciting. To realise simple specific changes were entirely possible and made a huge difference immediately, was a great relief. It was all so organic and free yet modeled in a watertight structure."

AILEEN GONSALVES - Artistic Director of 'Butterfly'



"Yas is such a generous teacher, and also refreshingly honest. Film Club felt like a very safe space in which to fail... Something that ironically brought out some of my best work. Highly recommend to anyone who works on-screen - even if you’re a seasoned pro, Yas will no doubt find ways for you to grow and evolve. Thank you, Yas!!




"Film Club is a fun, thought provoking, challenging and energizing course as an actor. I learnt a great deal from Yas over the 6 weeks and have certainly taken it with me. A great course to get you thinking in a different way and get you audition/camera ready. In the words of Yasen himself, you will become a BEAST!!"




"As well as being a great insight into the industry, Film Club allows you to challenge yourself and progress as an actor. Yas is an amazing teacher!"




“I have often felt lost on a course with a big class size, but Film Club having only 6 to a class, really allows Yas to focus on giving a tailored experience to each individual and their needs. This was a fun, challenging and informative course, and I can honestly say, there is nothing else like this out there.”