Simply put, Film Club demystifies performing for the camera. It covers our unique three-step process to acting on screen and explores: 

  • Selftapes
  • Auditions
  • Script Analysis
  • Scene Work 
  • On-set 101 
  • Finding work and representation
  • Marketing yourself and furthering your career




It's for anyone who wants to develop their screen craft and help further their career. Whether you're a working actor searching for the final piece of the puzzle, a musical theatre artist ready to take the leap into Film and TV, or someone that has had limited training and is keen on becoming a professional in the industry, Film Club is for you!




Classes are limited to 6 people so we can better gauge individual strengths and weaknesses. This allows for a much more intimate and tailored approach to teaching. We offer a methodical and practical way for students to analyse and improve their own performance with the goal of becoming self sufficient. You will be watching your own performances each week and will develop a highly trained ‘camera lens’ eye for what works and what doesn't on screen. By the end of the course we expect everyone to be able to identify when something doesn’t translate on camera and efficiently make the adjustment.




“As an actor, I’ve always been obsessed with film and what makes someone compelling on screen. A number of masterclasses and workshops I had taken throughout my career have more or less alluded to the same things: 'act through your eyes' and 'internalize more'. As I became more comfortable and grew in experience as both an actor and director, I couldn’t help but think that there must be a clearer way to master screen acting, because at the end of the day what does 'acting through your eyes' even mean? So with the actor in mind and empowerment the goal, I constructed a simple, tangible and (importantly for us artists) affordable six-day process called Film Club. "

YASEN ATOUR - Actor, Director & 'Film Club' founder